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Riga Tehnical university Materials and applied chemistry faculty Design technology institute

Assistant Professor – Juris Emsins

RTU Design technology institute and Paint Eco cooperation has been going on for three years, during which the representatives of Paint Eco every year gives lectures to 4th year students of wood finishing course, about Eco Paint wood finishing materials and their use. It’s includes theoretical and practical courses. In theoretical part students are introduced with company’s produced products, their use, application types and implemented object photo fixation. In theoretical part students are introduced with company’s produced products, their use, application types and implemented object photo fixation. Wile in the practical part students have the opportunity to actually try Paint Eco products like stain, paint and oil and apply them to a variety of wood materials. For students, it is a great benefit to obtain information from industry professionals to see examples of a good practice, as with environmentally friendly finishing materials can be aesthetically good and durable results. The Institute is also grateful for the Paint Eco samples transfer students to use, so students have a practical opportunity to try their suitability Bachelor thesis within the manufactured wood products for finishing.
We look forward to a successful continuation of cooperation.

Andris Misans


Self-employed man of art Andris Misāns cooperates with company Linum Color Ltd. since 2012. I have used PAINT ECO natural boiled linseed oil products (stains, paints, boiled linseed oil, floor oil, waxes) at my work.
PAINT ECO products have been applied on fences, beehives, info stands, solid wood furniture, as well as on wooden houses, wooden terraces, and floors. Ludza, Latgales street – facade of wooden house (paint), wooden fence (paint); Ludza, Kuļņeva street 2 – Ludza Local history museum (paint), Rēzeknes district – wooden floors (stain, floor oil), wooden furniture (stain, paint), wooden terrace (paint), facade (paint), beehives (paint). Rēzekne – Latgales street opposite bus station – banquet hall wooden floors, wall fragments (stain, floor oil).
Stain, paint and floor oil are the products I value the best.
The cooperation has been nice; necessary tones can be ordered by phone and the delivery is on time. PAINT ECO is a reliable business partner. I am satisfied with a wide range of products and quality. I definitely recommend others to use, at least try these products.

SC "Eco Toys"

Arturs Liepins

Paint Eco manufactures high quality paints and boiled linseed oil. It is very easy to apply them and they soak deep into the wood. Paint Eco offers wide range of beautiful tones. Definately the best thing is that these paints are 100% ecological, they do not cause any damage to enviroment and health. And the smell of these paints is much better than chemical paints have.

SC "Wine Wood"

Janis Verners Trokss

We paint our wooden products with PAINT ECO natural stains and boiled linseed oil. It is nice that PAINT ECO products are easy to apply and these products are long-lasting. And definately the smell of natural boiled linseed oil makes everything more pleasent. Regarding to the wide range of tones it is possible to find the most suitable and each tone is expressive and highlights wooden structure.


Marks M Ltd.

Production manager Alvis Zelcs

Company Marks M Ltd. cooperates with enterprise Linum Color Ltd. since 2013. We have used Paint Eco boiled linseed oil and waxes in our business. Paint Eco products have been used for oiling and waxing wooden furniture for domestic market, as well as export (beds, wardrobes, commodes, tables, chairs etc.). We are completely satisfied with the products (boiled linseed oil and wax). This cooperation is valued as reliable and we recommend these products to others.


Member of Supervisory Board

Responsiveness of Linum Colour Ltd. Customer service and technical personal allowed  garden furniture producer EKJU ( ) to implement in record braking short time new, environmentally more friendly painting technology. The quality of PAINT ECO paints and team support in starting using them served as basis for our ability in few month period from idea create ready production samples, which we showed to our customers in very important exhibition in France.

Ecorium Homes Ltd.

Representative in UK, Ainars Kalnitis

Cooperation with SIA “Linum Color” (PAINT ECO) started back in 2015, and since then has been a valued partner of mine, and I believe a foundation of successful cooperation is that we share the same values and business ethic. PAINT ECO team has created unique product range, not just to make our life more colourful, but also to reduce impact on environment and health and doing it quietly brilliant, without “shouting” we are saving the world. That’s all wouldn’t be possible to achieve without great team. Working with PAINT ECO on daily basis is real pleasure. The support I am getting is enormous, and always amazes me, from were all these great ideas coming from. I want you to thank you for this and our cooperation will last many years.


Monika Tyszczak

I would recommend products PainEco anyone who loves wood. Their effectiveness surprising. Another advantage is the absence of a toxic odor during application.

New! Hard wax oil

+ Professional coating provides great protection for heavily used wooden surfaces: floors, staircases and furniture; + Product  protects wooden surfaces creating a highly durable barrier against water, stains, dirt and wear; + Free from biocides and preservatives; + Compatibility with production of Paint Eco; + Colorless, semi-matt; + Economical consumption; + Coating is based on […]


Dear customers and partners! Please be informed that Paint Eco factory and shop will be closed from 22.12.2018. till 06.01.2019. We will start working on 07.01.2019.


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