Lineļļas krāsas

PAINT ECO is the biggest market-leading manufacturer of natural boiled linseed oil, stains, paints, floor oil and waxes in the Baltic States. PAINT ECO combines 20 years of experience in extraction of different vegetable oils with centuries-old knowledge about natural paints. By working as a team, putting in your soul and creative spirit, you can create truly meaningful values. We believe in what we do and that it is not too late to start living in harmony with nature, protecting the environment.

After several years of research and development the current production site was opened in 2010 and has continued to grow ever since.

By working as a creative and dedicated team using modern technologies, we have created a solid foundation that meets our dreams and meets our values. It gives power and courage to realize totally new, innovative and green ideas that up to this day have no equivalent in the world! We consider our mission to find these green ideas, which are now needed by society, and bring them to life. We know that forgotten natural products will return to our lives and it is never too late to start living in harmony with nature, protecting the environment. We are convinced that together with you we will paint the world green!

Chairman of the Board
Dainis Lagzdins

Why Paint ECO?

Even the name of our product line – PaintEco describes our company’s philosophy – we create ecological, environment friendly wood treatment materials.

Izkrāsosim pasauli zaļu kopā!
We invest in quality of life
In manufacturing we use natural ingredients
We manufacture products that we wish to use ourselves
PaintEco development continues...
And, of course, we are proud of our professional team


PAINT ECO is cooperating with many organizations. With their aid it is possible to conduct more export activities and stimulate growth along with it. And to continue providing consistent quality of PAINT ECO products, we contract major laboratories for research as well. Cooperation with IDAL (Investment and Development Agency of Latvia) provides an opportunity to enquire about export markets and organize direct meetings with foreign representatives.

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