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PREMIUM paint contains boiled linseed oil, mineral pigments and nature-friendly alternative material to biocides. Paint creates an elastic coating and completely covers wooden surface Highlights wooden structure. Fine ground pigments provides an even coating, protecting surface from UV (ultraviolet) rays. Protects from moisture in long-term, does not peel or crack. Surface is easily renewable.

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APPLICATION (INDOORS AND OUTDOORS): for wooden surfaces  – facades, walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, wooden toys etc.. Can be used on metal, plaster and concrete. Paint can be applied on uncoated surfaces, as well as on oiled surfaces. Widely used in restoration projects.


DRYING TIME: ±18 hours at temperature of +20 (± 2) ̊C. Low temperature, high humidity and wood moisture content can result in extended drying time.


PREPARATION OF THE SURFACE: surface must be dry and clean, free from dust and with no rosin residue. Moisture content of wood cannot exceed 18%. Product can be used only if the surface has been cleaned of previous coat(s) of chemical coating. It is recommended to use the product in average temperatures between +10 ̊C – +25 ̊C. Do not use on a sun heated surface. Before applying product on finely polished surface or outdoors, we recommend using  boiled linseed oil as primer.


CONSUMPTION. 1 liter in a single coat covers: rough sawn timber ~ 6-8 m2, planed timber ~ 12-15 m2, hardwood ~30-36 m2. Consumption for second layer will decrease by ~ 25%. These consumption parameters are indicative; your consumption might differ from these parameters.


WORKFLOW (INDOORS AND OUTDOORS): recommended to coat in two layers.

Thoroughly stir the product before and during use. For application use short bristle brushes, rollers and sprays (paint must be specially prepared). First layer can be diluted with natural turpentine (up to 5%). First layer must be applied evenly, layer has to be as thin as possible. Allow the surface to dry for at least 18 hours before applying the second layer. For second layer apply non-diluted stain. Course of work is identical as for application of first layer. Second layer can provide glossy finish.


TOOL CLEANING: We recommend to clean it with natural turpentine or warm water and soap.


STORAGE: up to 3 years and longer if can is kept dry, in a room temperature and closed tightly.



Discs and polishing cloths used during floor lubrication must be placed in a container with water after the use to prevent their self-ignition! Keep out of reach of children!

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