PREMIUM Boiled linseed oil



PREMIUM boiled linseed oil is pigmentless oil, heated using a unique technology. Boiled linseed oil soaks in to the wood, therefore molecular bonding creates durable and long-lasting protection.

Protects from moisture. Product is ready for use.

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Application: Indoors. For wooden surfaces – furniture, waals, ceiling etc.. Can be used on uncoated surfaces, as well as for previously oiled surfaces. Product can be used as a primer on finely polished surfaces. Widely used for restoration projects.


Drying time: 18 hours at temperature of +15 (± 2) ̊C.


Preparation of the surface:

  • surface must be dry and clean, free from dust and with no rosin residue;
  • moisture content of wood cannot exceed 18%;
  • product can be used only if the surface has been cleaned of previous coat(s) of chemical coating;
  • it is recommended to use the product in average temperatures between +10 ̊C – +25 ̊C. Do not use on a sun heated surface.


Consumption: 1 liter in a single coat covers

  • rough sawn timber ~6-8 m2/L;
  • planed timber ~12-15 m2/L;
  • hardwood ~30-36 m2/L.

            These consumption parameters are indicative; your consumption might differ from these parameters.


Workflow: Indoors.

  • Recommended to apply in one layer;
  • for application use short bristle brushes, rollers and spray; cotton cloth or paper towels for wiping;
  • product must be applied evenly, layer has to be as thin as possible;
  • allow the product to soak for 20-30 min. after applying to planed timber or hardwood, thoroughly wipe excess productwith a clean cloth or paper towels;
  • there is no need to wipe excess oil from unprocessed wood, distribute excess product across the surface.


Tool cleaning:

  • We recommend to clean it with natural turpentine or warm water and soap.



  • Up to 3 years and longer if can is kept dry, in a room temperature and closed tightly. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not store it together with food.



Discs and polishing cloths used during floor lubrication must be placed in a container with water after the use to prevent their self-ignition! Keep out of reach of children!



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