PREMIUM Timber wax



Centuries-old, traditional recipe enriched with high quality Carnauba wax. Wax treated surface continuously maintains a velvety gloss. Highlights clear wood fiber and texture.


APPLICATION (INDOORS): protective coating for wooden surfaces, furniture and cork. For previously oiled surfaces. Widely used for craft and restoration projects.  We recommend to apply in 1 layer.


DRYING TIME: ±1-2 hours at temperature of +18 (± 2) ̊C.


PREPERATION OF THE SURFACE: surface must be dry and clean, free from dust and with no rosin residue. Moisture content of wood cannot exceed 18%. Product can be used only if the surface has been cleaned of previous coat(s) of chemical coating. It is recommended to use the product in average temperatures between +10 ̊C – +25 ̊C. Do not use on a sun heated surface.


CONSUMPTION1 kg in a single coat covers ~ 45-50 m2. These consumption parameters are merely indicative; your consumption might differ from these parameters.


WORKFLOW: for application use cotton, wool cloth or a polisher, application with a polisher lowers consumption and work time. Product  must be applied evenly in thin layers by rubbing it in the surface, after 30 min. the surface must be polished. Do not clean the processed surface with strong cleaning solutions. It is recommended not to use waxed floor for 24 hours after application. On surfaces stained or painted, wax can be applied not sooner than a week after surface has been completely dry. Before applying to wooden carvings, heat the wax in a water bath (up to + 40 ̊C).


TOOL CLEANING: we recommend to clean it with natural turpentine or warm water and soap.


STORAGE: up to 3 years and longer if can is kept dry, in a room temperature and closed tightly. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not store it together with food.



Discs and polishing cloths used during floor lubrication must be placed in a container with water after the use to prevent their self-ignition! Keep out of reach of children!


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