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Pigmentless boiled linseed oil that contains pine rosin is developed to increases abrasion resistance of the flooring surface. Floor oil is compatible with PAINT ECO stain to provide extra protection for previously stained floors. Creates elastic, breathable coating, surface is protected from moisture. Easily renewable coating.


ApplicationIndoors. Floors, stair cases. Floor oil can also be used for furniture.

Drying time24 hours at average temperature of +20 (± 2) ̊C. Low temperature, high humidity and wood moisture content can result in extended drying time.

Preparation of the surface:

  • surface must be dry and clean, free from dust and with no rosin residue
  • moisture content of wood cannot exceed 18%
  • the product can be used only if the surface has been cleaned of previous coat(s) of chemical coating
  • it is recommended to use the product in average temperatures between +10 ̊C – +25 ̊C. Do not use on a sun heated surface.

Consumption1 liter in a single coat covers

  • planned timber ~10-12 m2
  • hardwood ~30-35 m2

                These consumption parameters are merely indicative; your consumption might differ from these parameters.

Course of work:

! Previous layer(s) of chemical coating must be removed.


  • for application use a brush, roller or floor oiling machine; cotton cloth or paper towels for wiping
  • divide the area you wish to oil in sectors
  • for a quality coating apply oil in 1-2 thin layers, taking in account wood absorption characteristics
  • the first layer must be applied evenly, the layer has to be as thin as possible, dilute stain with natural turpentine (up to 5%)
  • allow the product soak for 15-20 min. after applying to planed timber or hardwood, thoroughly wipe excess product with a clean cloth or paper towels, then polish with a polishing disc
  • allow the surface to dry for at least 24 hours before applying the next layer
  • for the second layer apply non-diluted floor oil. The course of work is identical as for application of the first layer.

To shade the floor, use PAINT ECO stain:

  • for the first layer, apply PAINT ECO stain diluted in 5% turpentine in one thin layer
  • after applying on planed wood or hardwood, allow it soak for 20-30 min., thoroughly wipe excess product with a clean cloth or paper towels
  • after no less than 24 hours, apply non-diluted floor oil. Refer to course of work above.

Surface treatment:

  • it is recommended to wax the floor a week after applying floor oil, (refer to instructions for Natural Wax for Wooden surfaces)
  • dry surface cleaning only, for at least 3 weeks
  • at the beginning of forth week, begin cleaning with light soap water.

Packaging: 100 g, 1l, 3l, 10l.

Tool cleaning:

It is recommended to clean used tools with natural turpentine or soapy water.


Store the product away from children in thoroughly sealed packaging. Opened products must be thoroughly sealed after each use. Store in room temperature, away from sunlight. Do not store near food. In storage room avoid any ignition hazards – smoking near product is forbidden.

Expiration date: 3 years


Materials soaked with boiled linseed oil floor oil are under the risk of self-ignition! Immediately after use, paper towels or cloth must be burned or soaked in water and disposed. Avoid spilling into surrounding environment, ground water and oil.

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