Aforetime, most of wooden buildings in Latvia were painted with boiled linseed oil, however – in period of Soviet Union the quick and easy approach became more viable – the paint had to dry quickly, therefore chemical paints were commonly used, even though they had to be renewed very often, polluted environment and used up a lot of resources. Before commencing a production of wood coating materials, our company put a lot of time in researching old recipes and means of production and the best recipes were picked. After researching above mentioned recipes PAINT ECO created a range of boiled linseed oil products. These are eco-friendly wood coating materials. PAINT ECO keeps on development and is looking for new ways to improve quality of life by expanding its product range. The quality of our products is our goal, therefore our product testing is performed in our laboratory as well as with help of external projects:

  • Accomplished project ‘’Ecological wooden floor processing materials’’ within Green Technology Incubator
  • Project ‘’Innovational colorless coating with UV protection for outdoor use’’ accomplished in cooperation with Norsk Treteknisk Institutt, Norway.
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