PAINT ECO is cooperating with many organizations. With their aid it is possible to conduct more export activities and stimulate growth along with it. And to continue providing consistent quality of PAINT ECO products, we contract major laboratories for research as well.

Cooperation with IDAL (Investment and Development Agency of Latvia) provides an opportunity to enquire about export markets and organize direct meetings with foreign representatives.

The latest PAINT ECO project is ‘’Innovative colorless coating with UC protection for outdoor use’’ in cooperation with IDAL Green Technology incubator. Norway grants and Norwegian institute Treteknisk is supporting this project within the Norwegian Grants ‘’Innovation in green production’’ project. After conducting the project, there will be a new product added to our range – natural colorless coating with UV protection, which is going to provide greater weather impact protection for outdoor use. Tests are carried out in Norwegian Treteknisk Laboratory according to EN 927-3, EN 927-5 and EN 927-6. Participation in small grant support programs is significant for further growth of the company. Project agreement No. – NOFI/LV06/NAGS/03/14.

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