Idea for bathroom

Whilst you arrange your bathroom, make sure to make it is tasteful and cozy by highlighting certain shades and materials within the interior. In order to save space, it is a good idea to make a wooden frame around you washing machine, which can be used as extra storage or to create a certain atmosphere in the room. Also to match the rest of the interior, it is a good idea to fit your shelves with wooden lining. And to preserve the wood, it needs to be treated so that it repels moisture and is more abrasion resistant. Therefore, we recommend to use PAINT ECO floor oil. It is not only going to protect the wood, but also will leave a nice smell until the floor oil is completely soaked in the wood, also the oil will highlight structure of the wood.

Exhibition in Finland from 8.07.-08.08.

In the next weekend it will be the opening of the exhibition called Asuntomessut Seinäjoella 2016 witch take place in Finland. Exhibition will be available for visitors throughout the month from 8ed July – 8ed August. There in housing exhibition will also you see in Finland developed DEMO house witch is painted with PAINT ECO Paint Blackberry KME – 2.


Recommendation to use BLO

Using PAINT ECO Boiled Linseed Oil is the perfect way to protect the wood surface. It naturally highlights the wood pattern, prevents from ingress of moisture, and creates a barrier through which the oiled surface does not destroy. I use it to cover trays, boards, and other wood items. It works perfectly, is easy to use and smells pleasantly.



Sabina Kobus-Smietanka
“Pracownia Smietankowy Dom”